Referee Shortage for Colts League Games - PLEASE HELP RECRUIT...

We have been advised by our Local Referees Societies there is a CRITICAL SHORTAGE of Referees !!

This will particularly affect Colts League games on a Sunday.

Your Society may have already advised you by email as follows:
<< All the Colts fixtures are now on WTR. We (the Society) will be appointing in due course. I should warn you that, as things are looking at the moment, we are very short of Referees on Sundays. It may not be possible to cover all games. The situation this year is made more difficult by the requirement that all Referees for Colts games will need DBS checks. >>

The above eMail from the Society was forwarded to us by one of our Colts' Team Managers.

Why is there a Referee Shortage:
This is down to a number of factors...
Some have yet to return to the Game following the Covid-19 situation.
Some of the Old Stagers have hung up their whistle alongside their boots.
Some have yet to be registered for DBS checks.
Major Factor:
Many have opted-out of refereeing Colts Games owing to ill-discipline on the field, plus Referee Abuse from over-zealous Parents on the touchlines...

Following a meeting with the Sunday Appointments Secretaries we can confirm it is likely some Prelim' Season League matches will not have a Society Referee available or appointed by the Society. This is a worrying situation and the League Exec' have looked at potential solutions.


What Can We Do Next:
For the benefit of Colts Rugby the League Exec has determined to reinstate the NW Colts League Referee Association (CLRA) - originally founded back in the 2007/2008 season.

Click the preceeding link for a potted History of the CLRA...

The aim of the Association is to provide independent Referees to games not covered by the Local Referee Societies.

In order to do this we need your help in suggesting people within your Club who who would be willing to take up the dark-arts and independantly referee games not involving your team in exchange for similar in return.

The recent News Item Where Do Rugby Referees Come from...?? - gives you an idea of those people we are seeking to recruit.


If you can put forward (persuade, nudge or cajole) anyone prepared to Take-up the Whistle - this will be to our mutual benefit.

They may even be good at it... !!

Please suggest they send an email to expressing their interest and we can begin the process.

Better still - let us know your Nominations and we will contact them...

Thank you for your help.

Regards in Colts Rugby.
Steve M
Steve Mooney - Secretary.
NW Colts League Referee Association.

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