Where Do Rugby Referees Come From... ??

Have you ever considered where Rugby Referees come from ?
...or even how or why they got involved in Refereeing ??

They rarely come from outside the game !!

Some Ref's started as youngsters, perhaps following an injury, or just because they fancied it and were encouraged by a Mentor.

Many are ex-players, with some being real Poachers Turned Gamekeeper...

In recent seasons there has been a noticable shortage of Referees, on a Saturday and Sunday, particularly later on in the season as the older Chaps pick up injuries, as some hang up their whistle alongside their boots.

On International weekends the shortage can be even worse...

...Fact is the game can't survive without them...

So we really need to start asking ourselves (and our Rugby Friends) the question: Will you take up the whistle ??


Were you a Colts Manager or Coach last season or in a previous life ??

Ian Tempest was...

Ref Turns Pro...


Are you an Injured Player who could really do with a season out from playing to give that injury time to recover ??

Could you be tempted to try your hand at Refereeing ??

Go-on - why not give it a punt ??

Or... if you know someone who is a likely candidate then why not give them a nudge and suggest they have a go - it might be just the encouragement they need, and they might even be good at it !!


The Colts League is actively seeking out and encouraging new Referees.

Colts games provide an appropriate level of rugby where New Referees can develop their art, and they provide an excellent stepping stone for those who wish to go further.

The starting point is an RFU Level 2 Referee Course for 15-a-side rugby.

The HALBRO NW Colts League is funding a Colts League Bursary to re-imburse subsequently active Colts Referees for the cost of their course.

Please let us know of your interest and we will arrange for you to attend a course.


If you want further information please call or email me.


Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - Chairman.
NW Colts League Referee Association.

e: jonkitch@colts-rugby.org.uk
m: 07973-282939


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