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Minutes of Committee Meeting -19 April 2021

Minutes of The Halbro Committee Meeting 19th April 2021 (Zoom)Minutes of The Halbro Committee Meeting 19th April 2021 (Zoom)

Present :-  Fred Swarbrick, John Powell, Craig Ross, Paul Riordan, Craig Hines, Ian Cosens, Greg King, Mark Ashley, Dr. Sara ShackletonApologies :- Tommy Hughes and Secretary Peter Harrison.


Matters arising previous Minutes :-  No Matters brought forward.1. A curtailed Agenda was presented simply due to the effects of Covid and consequently the lack of any meaningful action.2. Leagues’ Treasurer Greg King suggested that he was ready to receive any expense needs for the season.


The main reasons for the Meeting for discussion below …
Fixtures’ Secretary John P. illustrated the set ups he had produced for discussion by the committee.Two plans were demonstrated :-  Plan One as presented showed in fact the situation as on completion of the previous season.

Plan 2 illustrated a set up with the introduction of sides joining us or indeed re-joining us. It was agreed this did offer the ideal set up for us to proceed. One or two contact necessities need to take place but overall this seemed the way to move forward.This set up and once the Cup set ups were agreed – as below - would be sent out to all our Clubs.A 14 team League set up would be used to produce our fixtures.

Detailed discussions took place regarding the Cup Competitions.

John had produced two options :–                                                                                                                                                                     One, where as previous the Rounds of the Cup to be played on strategic dates throughout the season.

Two, where the League season completed and the Cup to be played over the weeks necessary on their completion.

The feeling generally was that this would be the best option but might necessitate an extension of one week to the season. It was felt this would not be a problem. Ian suggested that as this was set up some clubs would have their season completed towards the end of March. John offered to look at the possibility of a round robin set up for the Cups which would alleviate the shortened end of season for a number of sides.

Thanks were given to John for his work – extensive, time consuming work – in setting up these structures for the Leagues.

Information had been obtained suggesting that the National Fixtures would not be available until the end of May , in this event our fixtures must be on hold until we have sight of the Nationals. Our 3 West could be produced immediately being a dedicated 1st XV League and it was felt we ought to get these fixtures out as soon as.
We would proceed next season with 148 sides as things are in the Leagues.  Remarkable !!!!

RFU Council decision !!

The decision as taken to allow lower XVs into the National Leagues would have an effect on the Leagues with some sides taking the option of joining the National Leagues particularly our 2nd XVs with an emphasis on our Premier League sides. There were mutterings about particular sides intentions to join but with a seasons operation to take place before any moves a clearer picture would be in place before the time of implementation.One thing seems to be certain is that the Halbro North West Leagues would still be in a position to provide regularly, competitive rugby for all the sides after this dramatic change and this now after 20 years of their existence.Clearly this will be a major part of discussions as more clarity is received as things develop in relation to this change.

** I stated last night after contact with Dave Clarke that after the implementation of lower XVs, promotion would be available from Level 7 for these sides. This is not the case there will be no avenue for promotion for lower XVs from Level 7 certainly in the early years of the change. Apologies for this mis-information last night but it was a little mixed but has been emphasised as above this morning from Howard H. as a member of Lancashire board. I realise Ian had particular concerns about the possibility of 2nd XVs being allowed a promotion. You can relax at the moment then Ian !!

Player Insurance

Andy had once again been approached by a “fella” from an insurance firm regards the possibilities for player insurance above and beyond the RFU scheme in the case of injuries. The contact had been progressed through Carl Richards an old friend of ours from the Raging Bull days.It was agreed that he should be invited to present his details at a “live” committee Meeting when possible. Dependent on the situation as things move on it might be feasible for him to join us in a Zoom meeting but not as ideal as a “live”….

Publicity and Press

Mark felt we don’t promote our achievements and work in providing rugby competition for    148 sides throughout the North West of England enough and felt we should put ourselves out there to show what we are achieving in the game as a whole but in our case mainly directed at the grass roots of our game in the North West.He agreed, with his press background and experience, to set things in motion to promote both our aims looking forward and our achievements to date apart from providing regular Saturday to Saturday Rugby for some 3,000 players, but in fact saving a number of Clubs – 20 approx. – from extinction…Thank you to you all the Committee for the contributions, we now must look forward to some real live rugby over the next few months.

Fred Swarbrick