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Clubs covered by Association Referees

After discussions with both Liverpool Society and Manchester and District Society it has been agreed that a number of sides previously covered by the NW Associations will now be covered by a relevant Society.

The following teams will remain under Referee Association cover :- Appointments can be found on this Link  Referee Association Appointments

Fleetwood 3rd XV
Preston Grasshoppers 5th XV
Orrell 3rd XV
Aldwinians 4th XV
Altrincham Kersal 3rd XV
Old Bedians 3rd XV
Trafford MV 3rd XV
Bolton 3rd XV
Bury 3rd XV
Colne and Nelson 2nd XV
Aspull 3rd XV

All other sides previously covered by our Associations will now receive Society cover. Club referee contacts, please contact the Society Secretaries with your details unless they already cover one of your other teams.

Relevant appointment Details will be sent out to the above through their Club Contacts this week as will the same details be sent out to the respective Referees.

We realise a number of Association Refs have been splitting their time between ourselves and the Society, we would hope that now all their commitments might be focused on the Societies who have now clearly increased their requirements.

We must offer sincere thanks to all the Gents who have provided neutral cover to all our Clubs through the history of the NW Leagues and there have been a great number running into three figures. We can without doubt, say that without the neutral cover they provided the Leagues organization would not have survived.

Thank you to the Refs that will be still with us and please look at the commitments as they are received this coming week.



Fred S.