Senior B Conference - 2021/2022

League Secretary: Andy Thompson

TeamPWDLFA+/- Pts
1Winnington Park Senior U18 Colts220035251010
2Liverpool St Helens Senior U18 Colts21011317-47
3Manchester Senior U18 Colts21010005
4Wirral Senior U18 Colts20021218-62
5Liverpool Collegiate Senior U18 Colts00000000
Below is a listing of current concedes based upon data from GMS. However it MAY not be correct if a Team or Team(s) has already left the League.
Manchester Senior U18 Colts1
Wirral Senior U18 Colts1
League Notes
Liverpool Collegiate Senior U18 Colts
Mark Hadfield - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07557733347
Rob Fuller - Fixtures Contact
Matt Kerr - Head Coach Contact
Phone: 07809513386
Mobile: 07763868690
Paul Bradshaw - Coach Contact
Mobile: 07910097972
Aysha Gunal - Club Secretary Contact
Mobile: 07944443406
Liverpool St Helens Senior U18 Colts
Neil Penketh - Manager Contact
Mobile: +447885761030
Kathryn Poulton - Club Secretary Contact
Mobile: 01744757838
Manchester Senior U18 Colts
Tim Holmes - Manager Contact
Mobile: +447887625868
Gavin Mutch - Head Coach Contact
Mobile: 07787821119
Suzanne Morton - Club Secretary Contact
Mobile: +447833954541
Winnington Park Senior U18 Colts
Chris Sheppard - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07935416085
Neil Marrs - Fixtures Contact
Phone: 01606 853010
Charlie De Keyzer - Head Coach Contact
Mobile: 07934619003
Paul Young - Coach Contact
Mobile: 07342089353
Nick Cornwell - Club Secretary Contact
Mobile: 07484663609
Wirral Senior U18 Colts
Anne Saulnier - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07985023446
John Mitchell - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07584868481
Leo Simmons - Head Coach Contact
Mobile: 07411092845
Beverley Mccann - Club Secretary Contact
Mobile: 07929018633

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