Jon Kitchen

Jon will be pleased to assist with most queries involved with the running of your Colts Team in the following competitions

Lancashire Colts: Frank Morgan U18 Cup
Lancashire Colts: Rob Briers U17 Cup
Lancashire Colts: Joe McDonough U18 Trophy
Lancashire Colts: Alan James U17 Trophy
Senior G
Junior B

Before contacting Jon
In many cases the answers to your questions can be found in the Constitution, the Regulations or elsewhere on the Website.Please take a look there first.


Results must be sent by TEXT to Jon by 6pm Sunday.
Results Mobile : 07745 686570
Strictly no Voice Calls or other Text Messages to this number
Guide to Sending in Results to Jon

Jon's Contact Details

Positions Held : League Secretary, Honorary Chairman
Please respect "Office Hours" - Mon to Sat : 18.30 to 21.30
Mobile : 07973 282939
Email : Contact
Please note: with the large number of e-mails received each week an immediate reply is not always possible...

Postponed Games

Postponed games are normally re-arranged for the next available weekend by the Hon Fixtures Sec' in collaboration with Jon. Re-scheduled fixtures will be shown here within a day or two of the postponement.

DO NOT assume you can simply re-schedule your own games when you have a postponement as there are knock on effects and other Teams' fixtures to consider. Any suggestions can however be discussed with Jon.

Managers should please notify Jon by eMail of any re-scheduled games or fixture switches / reversals which they spot have not been updated in the Fixture List.

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