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Our set up for next season is now completed, see the Web Site, it certainly has been a challenge for our Leagues’ Fixture Secretary John Powell but now, please look at the set up as produced. Queries have been noted and changes made where at all possible.


We can’t set the fixtures as yet, as usual, we must sit back and wait for the National League fixtures to be produced. Please be patient, as soon as we have them we will produce ours quickly.


The set ups illustrate some Leagues  -where a 14 team matrix – has had to be used, commencing at the start of September, the others start end of September which in many cases is what Clubs have asked for.


We have contingencies prepared in the event that the season might not commence until later, possibly much later, and once we have some sort of definite information we will outline these contingences.


We are committed to holding our AGM. Please watch out for details, of the date of the AGM, maybe held externally. At the AGM we will present last seasons awards. Please attend !!


Thank you Ladies and Gents for your patience and anticipation.


Fred Swarbrick….