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Hope you are all fit and well and watching carefully the information coming through from the RFU and the Podcasts from Lancashire. Although we don't have any idea of a starting date, we must still plan for the future start whenever it comes.


After consultation with teams we have now finalised our League Setup and this is included in the Link below, along with a structured season of Dates which can be amended to cater for a range of starting dates. We have a number of contingency plans but it is not worth going through until we get a starting date.


With the Dates you will see different structures for each League, mainly due to the number of teams in the League. For the Premier. Division 1 and 2 North they are different to allow for a link of fixtures between 1st and 2nd teams which are in the same Leagues. This might help with travel costs.


Halbro North West Leagues


On the Dates tab you will see three Rule changes which will come into operation for next season to help simplify the rearrangement issues.


You will also see that we are playing the Cup Competition at the end of the season after the League season has finished. 


Keep watching the website for further information and hopefully the next time we communicate with you we will know of a start date.


Cheers All and keep safe.