Lancashire Colts: Frank Morgan U18 Cup

Cup Secretary: Jon Kitchen

Round 1
Sunday, 22 October 2017
Blackburn Senior U18 ColtsvBYE
Bolton Senior U18 ColtsAway WalkoverLittleborough Senior U18 Colts
Eccles Senior U18 Colts1922West Park (St Helens) Senior U18 Colts
Fleetwood Senior U18 ColtsHome WalkoverWigan Senior U18 Colts
Liverpool Collegiate Senior U18 Colts2710Rossendale Senior U18 Colts
Makos Senior U18 ColtsHome WalkoverKirkby Lonsdale Senior U18 Colts
Oldham Senior U18 Colts824Newcastle (Staffs) Senior U18 Colts
Preston Grasshoppers Senior U18 Colts2622Whitchurch Senior U18 Colts
Vale of Lune Senior U18 Colts1229Warrington Senior U18 Colts
Sunday, 29 October 2017
Ashton-Under-Lyne Senior U18 Colts1569Fylde Senior U18 Colts
Broughton Park Senior U18 Colts1239Aldwinians Senior U18 Colts
Rochdale Senior U18 Colts1219Southport Senior U18 Colts
Sedgley Park Senior U18 Colts552Widnes Senior U18 Colts
Round 2
Sunday, 29 October 2017
Blackburn Senior U18 ColtsAway WalkoverNewcastle (Staffs) Senior U18 Colts
Fleetwood Senior U18 Colts074West Park (St Helens) Senior U18 Colts
Littleborough Senior U18 Colts1737Warrington Senior U18 Colts
Makos Senior U18 Colts6010Preston Grasshoppers Senior U18 Colts
Sunday, 4 February 2018
Aldwinians Senior U18 Colts1710Fylde Senior U18 Colts
Liverpool Collegiate Senior U18 ColtsvBYE
Southport Senior U18 Colts3132Widnes Senior U18 Colts
Round 3
Sunday, 4 February 2018
Makos Senior U18 Colts325Newcastle (Staffs) Senior U18 Colts
Warrington Senior U18 Colts225Liverpool Collegiate Senior U18 Colts
West Park (St Helens) Senior U18 ColtsvBYE
Sunday, 25 February 2018
Aldwinians Senior U18 ColtsvWidnes Senior U18 Colts
Semi Finals
Sunday, 15 April 2018
Makos Senior U18 ColtsvWest Park (St Helens) Senior U18 Colts
Aldwinians Senior U18 Colts
Lorraine Peters - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07773299367
Allen Whalley - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07931639670
Ashton under Lyne Senior U18 Colts
Jed Turner - Manager Contact
Phone: 0161 425 3464
Mobile: 07710452103
Blackburn Senior U18 Colts
Tony Farley - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07809 512231
Barry Hadwin - Fixtures Contact
Phone: 01254 262 473
Mobile: 07929 364 890
Bolton Senior U18 Colts
Mark Byrne - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07738221393
Broughton Park Senior U18 Colts
Andy Wilkinson - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07456036064
John Heald - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07984883350
Bury Senior U18 Colts
Deon Ormerod - Manager Contact
Phone: 07963558841
Mobile: 07963558841
Fleetwood Senior U18 Colts
Lisa Robinson - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07972494821
Kevin Knott - Fixtures Contact
Phone: 01253 825855
Mobile: 07722100743
Fylde Senior U18 Colts
Mick Heys - Manager Contact
Phone: 01282454015
Mobile: 07972281680
Patrick Townsend - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07960780621
Garstang Senior U18 Colts
Robert Cross - Manager Contact
Phone: 01995601740
Mobile: 07738648767
Adrian Bosson - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07706887840
Kirkby Lonsdale Senior U18 Colts
Jo Wylder - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07718233688
Littleborough Senior U18 Colts
Alison Roberts - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07943876090
Liverpool Collegiate Senior U18 Colts
Andrew Neve - Manager Contact
Phone: 01515472982
Mobile: 07833050199
Mike Deane - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07727635919
Makos Senior U18 Colts
Darren Lewis - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07868012155
Suzanne Morton - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07833954541
Newcastle (Staffs) Senior U18 Colts
Lee Goodyear - Manager Contact
Phone: 01782 929410
Mobile: 07976860213
Oldham Senior U18 Colts
Dave Charles - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07986 761556
Preston Grasshoppers Senior U18 Colts
Andy Mcmillan - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07793422891
Mike Lyth - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07939131504
Rochdale Senior U18 Colts
Stuart Poole - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07790545474
Rossendale Senior U18 Colts
Paul Kilshaw - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07733 315599
Sedgley Park Senior U18 Colts
Adam Simmons - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07740 172889
Jack Crook - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07809293894
Graham Smethurst - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07736 565267
Southport Senior U18 Colts
Martyn Sime - Manager Contact
Phone: 01704 877140
Mobile: 07825814727
Mark Walsh - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07877 038145
Vale of Lune Senior U18 Colts
Paul Clarke - Manager Contact
Mobile: 07908727057
Fred Swarbrick - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07730203173
Warrington Senior U18 Colts
Rob Smith - Manager Contact
Phone: 01925 269635
Mobile: 07701 341 862
West Park (St. Helens) Senior U18 Colts
Stuart Holland - Manager Contact
Phone: 07932796404
Mobile: 07932796404
Jane Foy - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07890204064
Whitchurch Senior U18 Colts
Gareth Morgan - Manager Contact
Phone: 01948820734
Mobile: 07540987927
Rowley Rich - Fixtures Contact
Mobile: 07850760351
Widnes Senior U18 Colts
Collin Johnson - Manager Contact
Phone: 01514886199
Mobile: 07769297579
Wigan Senior U18 Colts
David Porter - Manager Contact
Phone: 01942 494926
Mobile: 07826 454120

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