Overdue Entry Fees...

According to the Treasurer's records the following Teams' Entry Fees remain outstanding:

Glossop & Marple Junior U17 Colts
Heaton Moor Junior U17 Colts
Hoylake Junior U17 Colts
Leigh Junior U17 Colts
Littleborough Junior U17 Colts
Littleborough Senior U18 Colts
Whitchurch Senior U18 Colts
Winnington Park Senior U18 Colts

If you believe there is an error in our records as you have made your payment then please advise by what method and when... ??

If not and your Entry Fees are still owing then please Remit as a matter of some urgency...


Regards in Colts Rugby.
Jon Kitchen 
Jon Kitchen - Chairman.
Halbro NW Colts League

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