League Seeding...

1. Reasoning Behind Seeding...

(1). The Colts League seeds Teams into Leagues of similar ability where Players can best develop their game.

(2). The Seeding Regulations outline the process.

(3). Seeding is not an accurate science, being based on feedback, opinion, and the mean average of declared and known results.

(3). Getting the seeding as near right as possible is important...

(4). Achieving evenly Seeded Leagues delivers equitable games of Colts League Rugby.

(5). It is in no Team's interest to be seeded too low and to be winning by a cricket score each weekend, nor is it helpful to be seeded too high and to be taking a regular drubbing.

(6). The Seeding Process is wholely dependant on Managers' and Coaches' accurate feedback as they best know their own Team, as well as their regular recent opponents; it is therefore extremely important every Team assists the Colts League by contributing to the process.


2. The Seeding Process...

(1). Once all Entries are known the League will publish a Team Rating Form.

(2). Teams will be asked to rate all Teams of which they have knowledge & experience.

(3). Seeding is based primarily on Teams' Feedback of Seeding Info, Squad Info, and Team Ratings.

(4). The League Seeding Panel meets in mid-June to determine Prelim' League Seeding.

(5). The Provisional Prelim' Leagues will be followed by a 7-day consultation period.

(6). Target publication date for Colts League Fixtures is 1st July each season.


3. Prelim' & Conference League Seasons...

(1). Teams seeded into Prelim' Leagues of 8 will play each other team Once.

(2). Following the Prelim' Season the Conference Leagues will be formulated by the Seeding Panel.

(3). Adjustments will be made to re-allocate Teams based on Prelim' League performance, and to minimise the effects of any withdrawals.




League Admin - 10/18/2016

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