Post-Match Regulations...

Issue 11 - 18th October 2016

Results... are updated on the WebSite every Sunday evening - by our willing Volunteers.

Late Results make additional work...  and the volunteers a little less willing.

1. Reporting Results...

(1). It is good practice to check the score with the Referee and agree it with your Opposite Number.

(2). You could even text in your result as you leave the field of play - Many Managers do !!

(3). Ask your Referee to complete & sign your Match Card, including marking any Red or Yellow Cards.

(4). Match Cards must then be submitted to the League by eMail by BOTH Team Managers.

(5). Red Carded Players or Coaches will be subject to a Disciplinary Hearing and possibly a ban.

(5a). Note: Referees can issue Red Cards to miscreants before during or after a League match.

(5b). Referees are obliged to submit a Sending off Report to the County Disciplinary Secretary.

(5c). Managers must indicate Red Card offenders on the Match Card.

(5d). You should also notify Red Cards to your own Senior Club Secretary.

(6). The Disciplinary Regulations will assist Managers with further information.

(7). Always look after your Referee who is a guest of your Club... and you might meet him again !!


2. TEXT Results...

(1). Both Team Managers MUST report Results by TEXT to their League Secretary
      preferably immediately after the game but at the latest before 6pm Sunday.

(2). Results TEXT Numbers are detailed on Your LeagueSecs page.
      Do NOT use these numbers for sending any other text message to your LeagueSec.

(3). SEE THIS Example Text

(4). Save your LeagueSec's RESULTS TEXT No. in your phone.
Send yourself a Test Text.
      This can then be used as a template for future weeks.
      Just forward and edit it, sending in as soon as the game is over each week.

(5). The exact syntax, including capitals and spacing, must be followed. 

(6). Postponed games must be reported back - by TEXT likewise - before 6pm Sunday.


3. MATCH CARD Results...

(1). Team Managers must hand their completed Match Card to the Referee before each match.

(2). Front Row Players must be identified (FR) where indicated on the Match Card.

(3). After the game the Referee should mark the scores, Red or Yellow Cards, and sign off the Match Card.

(4). Team Managers should countersign their opponents Match Card.

(5). Both Managers must then send their own Card to the League by eMail - before Monday 6pm.

(6). Scan and save Match Cards as a  PDF (not a .JPG) 

(7). Save as YourTeamNameMatchCard.pdf (eg: LymmSnrColtsMatchCard.pdf).

(8). eMail your saved Match Card to

(9). Your eMail Subject Line should contain the Result (eg: Subject Re: LymmSC 14 vs 10 AspullSC).

(10). .jpg files will not get through and will be deleted !!


3. Failure To Report a Result... 

...Causes extra work for your LeagueSecs and delays the production of the Results & League Tables.

Please therefore ensure your results are submitted on time.

Sanctionable offences include:~

(1). Late / None Texted Match Results...

(2). Late / None Reported Postponements...

(3). Late Match Cards...

(4). Match Cards sent as .JPG's...

(5). Repeat offenders will be dealt with as deemed appropriate by the League Committee...


League Admin - 10/18/2016

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