Issue 24 - 17th February 2016

Entry into the League Cup Competitions is automatic for Colts League Member Teams at no additional cost.

(1). The Colts League Cup Competition(s) will be known collectively as the RAGING BULL Colts League Cups.

(2). The objective of the League Cup will be to provide a Cross-League or PlayOff competition to give Colts Teams the opportunity to play more Colts Rugby against Teams from the other Leagues.

(3). Entry into the League Cup is automatic for Colts League Member Teams on completion of the League Season.

(4). There is no additional entry fee for Member Teams.

(5). The League Cup draw will be undertaken by the Committee soon after the final League weekend and the draw will be published as soon as practicable thereafter on the Colts League WebSite.

(6). Games must be played on or before the appointed date on the ground of the Club first drawn.

(7). Fixtures must be confirmed in advance between Teams. Senior Colts games will Kick-Off at 2.00pm and Junior Colts at 12.30pm; unless mutually agreed otherwise.

(8). All games must be refereed by a Society Referee and this must be an official appointment. Applications for Referees are the responsibility of the Home Team.

(9). If the away Team arrives later than one hour after the appointed or agreed time (unless they have been unavoidably delayed and have communicated the same) they shall forfeit the game.

(10). If a Home Team’s pitches are unavailable or unfit then Team Managers must make their best efforts to find another local pitch. This failing the Home Team MUST forgo their home advantage, the fixture must be reversed, and your League Secretary and Referee must be informed immediately.

(11). Teams who's pitches have known problems must make themselves aware of the state of their pitches in advance and must be prepared to make arrangements as per the above Regulation (10).

(12). Adverse Weather Conditions are the only acceptable reason to postpone. Teams must inform their Referee immediately, by phone, when any such decision is made.

(12a). Failure by the Home Team to immediately inform their appointed Referee of a postponement or switch of venue will result the game being forfeit, in addition to any financial penalty the Referee Society may impose.

(12b). Teams unable to agree on the suitability of a pitch should seek assistance from the Referee as to whether a match may start or continue.

(12c). Postponed or abandoned Cup Ties must be reported by TEXT by BOTH Teams to your League Secretary.

(12d). Postponements due to inclement weather will be re-arranged in agreement with your League Secretary whom both Teams must contact. The date will normally be the following weekend.

(14). Should a Cup Match be abandoned due to inclement weather the score at the time shall stand provided at least 50 minutes have been played, otherwise the game shall be replayed.

(15) Should a Cup Match be abandoned for any other reason the League Committee may determine the result or award the game.

(16). The League Cup Finals will be played at a suitable venue to be appointed by the League Committee.

(17). Clubs are invited to express their interest in hosting the League Cup Finals to the HonSec with Expressions of Interest to be received by the 1st Saturday in September.

(18). For the benefit of the Referee shirts must be numbered with distinctive legible large sized numbers on the back. Letters or other markings are not permitted. Traditional Positional Numbers are required by the Referee Societies.

(19). It is the Home Team’s responsibility to change kit in the event of a colour clash.

(20). In the Cup Finals a colour change will be decided on the toss of a coin before the game.
         Both Teams must arrive prepared to change.

(21). Changes from your Club's normal kit colours MUST be advised to the HonSec so your Club Page on the Colts League Website can be updated. Teams should also notify their Opponents and the Referee.

(22). Players must be under the respective age on the 1st September of the relevant year.

(23). Players must have been registered with the RFU and with the Colts League as members of their Club by 31st December of the relevant season in accordance with the Colts League Squad Registration Regulations.

(24). Players may only play for one Club in the League Cup Competition and are Cup Tied to that Club.

(25). Players may only play for one of their Club's Colts Teams per weekend.

(26). RFU Young Player Registration Cards must be made available on request to opposition Managers & Coaches and must be checked in line with RFU guidelines at least 30 minutes before kick-off.

(27). Managers Coaches and Replacements must remain within a Marked Technical Area, other than when bringing on water. Replacements must wear HI-VIZ Tabards at all times, both per the Code of Conduct.

(28). Up to 22 players may be nominated on the Match Card (15, plus 7 replacements).

(28a). Teams nominating 22 players must have at least six players in their Matchday Squad who can play in the front row in order there is replacement cover for the loose head prop hooker and tight head prop.

(28b) All Front Row Players must be clearly identified FR on the Match Card which must be handed to the Referee before the game.

(28c). Teams who know they will be short of the full compliment of 3 Front Row players for a match should have the courtesy to give advance notice to their opponents to enable them to prepare accordingly.

(28d). Team Managers & Coaches have a duty of care and must not allow or encourage players to play in a front row position if they do not have suitable training and experience.

(28e). All Colts League Cup, Bowl, or Vase matches must start with a recognised front row, otherwise the Offending Team will forfeit the game. If due to none availability of suitably trained replacement players the Referee has to order uncontested scrummages during the match it will continue as a competitive match save for the scrummages which when uncontested will simply be a method of restarting the game.

(28f). If due to none availability of suitably trained players at the start of or during a Colts League Plate or Shield match the Referee has to order uncontested scrummages the match will start or continue as a competitive match save for the scrummages which when uncontested will simply be a method of restarting the game.

(28g). Should the minimum number of Six trained front row players not be available a match can proceed but with a reduced number of replacements on the bench, as follows:~

6 Front Row = 7 Replacements  :  FR = 6 Rep's  :  4 FR = 5 Rep's  :  3 FR = 4 Rep's
Less than 3 Front Row (ie: starting with uncontested) in Cup, Bowl, or Vase = Match Forfeit.
Less than 3 Front Row (ie starting with uncontested scrums) in Plate or Shield = 0 Replacements.

Numbers in the Scrum - must be the same for both teams.

(29). Uncontested Scrums - Matches may start or continue with uncontested scrums, however the Man-Off Rule per RFU Regulation 13.5.11 applies...

(30). Man-Off Rule: If uncontested scrums are ordered by the Referee due to injury or consequent to a player being temporarily suspended or ordered off, and there being no Front Row Replacement available, the team concerned shall not be entitled to replace the player whose departure caused the uncontested scrums. On the return to the field of a front row player who has been temporarily excluded the Match shall continue with contested scrums provided it is safe to do so.

(31). Rolling Substitutions shall be permitted in all Colts League games - Player interchanges must be through the Referee and only at a breakdown in play.

(32). Rolling Substitutions are limited to the maximum number of Permitted Player Interchanges, per RFU Regulation 13.5.14, set out in the table below:~

Number of
3 8
4 9
5 10
7 12

(32a). After the Permitted Player Interchanges have been made no other replacements substitutions or Player Interchanges will be permitted for any reason including injuries and in the event that a player is injured the team will play with one less player and with uncontested scrums in the event that this involves a front row player and the game cannot continue safely with contested scrums.

(32b). Player Interchanges replace the blood bin. If a player has an open wound and thus has to leave the field, and the team has used all of its Player Interchanges, that player may not be replaced and the team shall continue with a maximum of fourteen players. The player is permitted to return once the wound has been treated and the bleeding stopped.

(32c). Not more than two Player Interchanges per team may occur at any one time and may only occur during a stoppage in play and with the knowledge of the Referee who is entitled in his sole opinion to refuse to allow or postpone a Player Interchange if he believes either that the Player Interchange would prevent the opposition from restarting the game quickly or where a player has been injured or that it would not be safe for the replacement player who has been previously injured to play in the match.

(32d). A player who is a replacement shall not be entitled to take a kick at goal until a passage of play has taken place since he has taken the field of play.

(32e). A player who suffers two injuries in a match which has necessitated his being replaced on each occasion is not permitted to act as a replacement following his second injury.

(33). Squeeze ball is not permitted

(34). All games are played under the IRB 'Laws of The Game' plus the Colts League U19 Variations.

(35). In the event of a draw after the 70 minutes maximum playing time there is no extra time. The result will be decided on; number of tries, then number of conversions from tries. If still equal the away side goes through.

(36). If the Venue has been switched in order to ensure the Tie is played then the away side is the one which travelled.

(37). If a Neutral Venue has been arranged in order to ensure the Tie is played then the away side is the one was originally drawn as the away side.

(38). In the Final a drawn game will be decided on countback as above. If still equal, 5 penalty kicks at goal will be taken alternately, each by a different player, from the 22 metre line in front of the goal posts. Kickers will be selected only from those on the pitch at no-side. The Team with the most successful number of kicks wins. If still even, further kicks are to be taken by different players, still selected form those on the pitch at No Side on a sudden death basis until a result is obtained.

(39). A player who is suspended by the County Disciplinary Committee is not permitted to play in the League Cup Competition.

(40). Both Teams must report the Result by TEXT per the Post Match Regulations by 6pm Sunday.
         ...See this Example Text...

(41). Remember - Postponed Games must also be reported by TEXTby 6pm Sunday.

(42). Match Cards must be completed and sent in per the Post Match Regulations by 6pm Monday

(43). Failure to observe the Results Reporting Protocol detailed above may result in a Team's exclusion from the Competition.

(44). In exceptional circumstances, where a Manager is obstructive or non co-operative regarding the playing of a fixture by a given date the Committee may determine the result of or award any such game.

(45). Any Team conceding a Walkover will take no further part in the Competition.

(46). Disputes or complaints should be notified to the Hon Secretary by eMail within 24 hours of the relevant game or situation.

(47). The Committee shall be the arbiter in all cases involving disputes or complaints and shall have the authority to make decisions at any time on matters which are not covered by the Regulations or the Constitution of the North West Colts League.

(48). A Club shall have the right of Appeal against any such decision made by the Colts League Committee. The appeal procedure is detailed in the Constitution.

League Admin - 04/04/2017

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